Saturday, January 22, 2011

Tears of Rain

She follows tears of rain
down a crying window pain
and with a longing touch
slowly spells a name
But like footprints on the shore
the name vanishes in the pour
Her eyes clench to swallow th pain

As the curtain comes down
on this twisted trampled town
the sun gives up what the night has won
A changing flow of faces
carry thick shadowy traces
of who they were, where they came from

Everybody lives the hurt one day
and a broken heart's scar never fades away
when memories drift in a satellite fade
carrying dreams light years away

The night is thirsty and drinks til it's bursting
from the well her soul's filled up with tears
Her fingers grip and won't let go
holding on to what she doesn't know
when you're alone
you face or

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