Saturday, January 22, 2011

Losing You

Well I'm sittin on my stupid phone wonderin if it'll sing
And I'm thinkin who I could call and would my mood mean anything
The weather's warm and sunny, it's a California Dream
But I'm still in last night's clothes and I haven't brushed my teeth
I think I'm losing you

Y'know I'm peering into my microwave wonderin what to nuke
And I'm think 'bout my music and I might as well burn that book
And I'm feeling a little uneasy cos my hat's still at the bar
And I don't really know how I got home or how I let it get
Let it get this far
Y'know I'm losing you

Up all night
down all day
I'm losing you
I've lost my way
I'm losing you
I'm in too deep
I can't get up
Can't get to sleep

Well my eyes are glued to the tv but the set's not turned on
And the cigarette in my coffee cup looks just like my front lawn
My Rolling Stone calendar is a month or two behind
And these stacks of unread papers and mail are just littering
My state of mind
Y'know I'm losing you

Now I'm staring up at the ceiling, all I see are Rorschach stains
My cat is perched upon some recent midnight snack remains
My fridge door's flug open where a warm beer waits for me
But I'm sinkin in my sofa, think I'll drift on back
Drift on back to sleep
Y'know I'm losing you

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