Saturday, January 22, 2011

Change of Fortune

I'm on this train
Mississippi Delta track
Full speed ahead
no time to be lookin back
I'm on this train
Hey conductor man
It took every cent I had
to buy this ticket to the promised land

Gonna find my place in the sun
Ain't gonna spend my life on the run
Find a girl with a smile in her eyes
and maybe a little wild
Make me feel like a man
with the heart of a child

I'm on this train
Sixteen coaches long
In a driving refrain
The steel sings her song
I'm on this train
Engineer stokin coal
While a full moon rises
over a Mississippi riverboat

Don't wanna be a ramblin man
Gotta get to be the best that I can
Change of fortune comin up around the bend
Gonna wake up in your arms and feel alive again

I'm on this train
Lightning cracks the sky
Locomotive thunder
bends in the wind as the whitle cries
I'm on this train
smokestack chokin black
A crosstie walker scurries across the track

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