Saturday, January 22, 2011

Summer Night

Summer hit L.A. like a blastfire
Burning shadows into the street
Beads of sweat sparkled in the sunlight
And fell around my feet
I was flashin back on the star I could've been
And I smiled cos out here even the losers win
On a summer night

The village shifts it into high gear
Her neon make-up on
A coat of midnight paints the sky
keeps the faith til dawn
Molten metal mashin up the boulevard
While feral foxes fashion-up soft and hard
On a summer night

Passions flash into the heavens tonite
Every street heartbeat's on fire
The city explodes as your sense ignite
You're a loose and lithe livewire
On a summer night

Connections are charged in a corner
Secrets slip into the dark
Lovers lured into a moment
Share soul-synaptic sparks
From Highway 1 on up to Blue Jay Way
L.A. relents to get her way
On a summer night

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