Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fire Wind

Burning down devil highway
spitfire wind in my hair
You're either goin my way
or I don't care
Foot to the floor
Got my head in the sky
Don't know what I've lost
Don't know what I'll find
I'm nothin more than a rolling stone
Rollin down that road
on my own

Tumble into a tombstone town
a dusty drop to my knees
Sunburst stiletto silhouette
Godiva hair to the sea
Like a tarantino movie
or ripped outta frankie miller's head
comes the yearning, burning and the fury
when your heart hangs by a thread
No more can I fly away home
I'm buryin yesterday
stone by stone

Blackbirds brush the sky
I lift my face to the sun
Earth souls arising
in the shadows of another dawn
Through the oceans of time
Across the rivers of mud
I'm in an existential storm
an emotional flood
On the edge of being and nothingness
Just another Joe
no more no less

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pocket Hole

I'm alone When the sun burns down
and the moon crawls up
upside down
Wary eyes
follow whispered thoughts
I'm in a fishbowl
lookin out at broken dots
I'm alone, so alone

In a crowd
so anonymous
No you no me
No we no us
Adrift at sea where I
drink in the ink
of darkened dreams
into which I sink
I'm alone so alone

Pyramid of pain
sepulchre shadows crawlin
over love's remains
and through the tears for the fallen
My eyes ablaze with the sun
in my ascent from the ground
My world explodes around me
but I can't hear a sound
I'm alone so alone

Pocket holes
Got my shufflin shoes
My soul is the toll, to choose is to lose
No roots no wings, a pauper's stone
To live is to die here, you come and go it alone
I'm alone so alone

Monday, January 3, 2011

Carrion Town

She wakes up in the morning to the sound of thunder and rain
She prays silently 'Dear Lord, wash away this pain'
There's a man lyin next to her, a man she used to know
Now she wouldn't miss him one damn day
if they found him head-first in a hole, boots pushin up ground
in this dirty little town

Her brown skin is glistening under an incendiary sun
The wind barely whispers through where her imagination runs
In this town with no secrets, where there's litlle more than regret
The sun torches a setting sky,
like a smoldering cigarette burning down
on this dirty little town

This carrion town is picked to the bone
Stranger beware: be a rolling stone
Like shifting shadows people shuffle the street
Where hands are soiled and eyes rarely meet
If wishes had wings no one would ever be found
in this dirty little town

Like cactus water, her heart's defended by thorns
A town so dark no light gets out, no chance to be reborn
Crescent moon, a scythe in the sky
The Big Dipper pours its tears tonight
If it wasn't for the sand, we'd all drown
in this dirty little town

As she sinks into her bed at night a wicked wind's on the rise
She falls into a restless dream, filled with longing and filled with lies
No one reaps redemption here, and damn even, hell ain't no escape
from a desperate past she can't bury
where yesterday is scraped off the ground
of this dirty little town

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thin Man

6:00am my brain gets the call
6:03 shitshaveshower down the hall
6:09 I jump into my shoes
Suck down raw eggs and coffee
try to swallow the headline news
Well I've advertised and
I've bought and sold my soul
Been branded stranded and
slingshot out the door

Traffic jams the city down my throat
It starts to rain and I forgot my coat
Skid into work no time to catch my breath
As I smoke another cigarette to death
Time's a freight train and I'm tied to the tracks
Yet another line of cocaine snaps me back

One more twisted tourniquet of fate
Call my wife and tell her I'll be late - again
Punch into a red-eye for the other coast
I'm manic panicked frantic psycho toast
On splayed nerves spelunking into the brink
Can't breathe to exhale or shut my eyes to blink

Just another cog inside a cage
Driven to the edge of another day of rage
Sad ballad of a thin man makin big fish fat
To see them all suck for air y'know I wouldn't wish that
(if they'd just leavemethefuckalone)
Boss monkeys chatter and shatter what's left of me
I'm a dead man walkin, stalkin obscurity