Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bohemian Wind

A soul paused by the road
wrestles a heavy load
Steerin away from town
starin hard at the ground
A lifetime in war-grey eyes
hangin on a drifter's bedraggled bones
Like a wildcat's dervish cry
a bohemian wind blows
Down the road

Young boy kickin stones
roams down the road alone
Climbs into an old oak tree
and dreams of who he might be
Sends his best coyote howl
through the branches weathered hands
Counts the angels in the clouds
in a shadow box dance

Down the road where the angels know your name
Down the road where the devil knows the same
Down the road where it bends into the brush
Down the road where it ends at the bluffs
Down the road
Down that road
We're all blowin down that road

Woman draws the curtains back
in the kitchen of her shamble shack
Peers through a broken window pane
at a stranger with his dog and cane
A traveller shades the sun
from noonday summer eyes
In the distance conejo run into the sunlight
Dog flies
Down the road

Mad river runnin hard
silver-blood moon on guard
Resigned just to be inseperably
riders to the sea
Our path is but a mystery
the rising tide, well, it knows
Visitors all, you and me, as we
ebb and flow