Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fire Wind

Burning down devil highway
spitfire wind in my hair
You're either goin my way
or I don't care
Foot to the floor
Got my head in the sky
Don't know what I've lost
Don't know what I'll find
I'm nothin more than a rolling stone
Rollin down that road
on my own

Tumble into a tombstone town
a dusty drop to my knees
Sunburst stiletto silhouette
Godiva hair to the sea
Like a tarantino movie
or ripped outta frankie miller's head
comes the yearning, burning and the fury
when your heart hangs by a thread
No more can I fly away home
I'm buryin yesterday
stone by stone

Blackbirds brush the sky
I lift my face to the sun
Earth souls arising
in the shadows of another dawn
Through the oceans of time
Across the rivers of mud
I'm in an existential storm
an emotional flood
On the edge of being and nothingness
Just another Joe
no more no less

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