Sunday, January 2, 2011

Thin Man

6:00am my brain gets the call
6:03 shitshaveshower down the hall
6:09 I jump into my shoes
Suck down raw eggs and coffee
try to swallow the headline news
Well I've advertised and
I've bought and sold my soul
Been branded stranded and
slingshot out the door

Traffic jams the city down my throat
It starts to rain and I forgot my coat
Skid into work no time to catch my breath
As I smoke another cigarette to death
Time's a freight train and I'm tied to the tracks
Yet another line of cocaine snaps me back

One more twisted tourniquet of fate
Call my wife and tell her I'll be late - again
Punch into a red-eye for the other coast
I'm manic panicked frantic psycho toast
On splayed nerves spelunking into the brink
Can't breathe to exhale or shut my eyes to blink

Just another cog inside a cage
Driven to the edge of another day of rage
Sad ballad of a thin man makin big fish fat
To see them all suck for air y'know I wouldn't wish that
(if they'd just leavemethefuckalone)
Boss monkeys chatter and shatter what's left of me
I'm a dead man walkin, stalkin obscurity

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