Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Pocket Hole

I'm alone When the sun burns down
and the moon crawls up
upside down
Wary eyes
follow whispered thoughts
I'm in a fishbowl
lookin out at broken dots
I'm alone, so alone

In a crowd
so anonymous
No you no me
No we no us
Adrift at sea where I
drink in the ink
of darkened dreams
into which I sink
I'm alone so alone

Pyramid of pain
sepulchre shadows crawlin
over love's remains
and through the tears for the fallen
My eyes ablaze with the sun
in my ascent from the ground
My world explodes around me
but I can't hear a sound
I'm alone so alone

Pocket holes
Got my shufflin shoes
My soul is the toll, to choose is to lose
No roots no wings, a pauper's stone
To live is to die here, you come and go it alone
I'm alone so alone

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